Project of the Month


Project of the Month July 2014

Stage: Promotion
Shortlist: Widelands, FlightGear, StepMania, CrossFire, KeeperRL, Unvanquished, PokerTH, Freeciv, HyperRogue, GlPortal

Project of the Month May 2014

Stage: Promotion
Shortlist: OpenMW, OpenXcom, gemrb, ArxLibertatis, VCMI, OpenRA, OpenSpades, doomsday engine, Stratagus, CaesarIA

Project of the Month March 2014

Stage: Finished
Shortlist: The Battle for Wesnoth, OpenTTD, Xonotic, ToME: the Tales of Maj'Eyal, Minetest, Planeshift, Worldforge, Alien Arena, Unknown Horizons, OpenClonk

Project of the Month January 2014

Stage: Finished Supporter: Freegamer
Shortlist: Stunt Rally, SuperTuxKart, 0 A.D., The Dark Mod, Flare, Pioneer, Simutrans, Zero-K, Megaglest, Hedgewars


The Project of The Month Award was (re)create to raise awareness for individual free game projects and for the the free gaming community in general.


Any game project is eligible as long as it is released under an opensource and/or free cultural license and runs natively on Linux. A game project is only eligible for an award if it didnt win that award in the past 365 days.


  • 18. Month 1 Jury sits.
  • 25. Month 1 Shortlist with 10 projects announced. Online voting starts.
  • 24. Month 2 Online voting closes. Winner is announced.
  • 1. Month 3 Promotion for Winner starts.
  • 30./31. Month 3 Promotion ends.
Date LGA Supporters Community Winner
18th Month 1 Announces the jury (supporter) The jury starts creating the shortlist
25th Month 1 Announces and informs nominees. Prepares the online vote The jury submits the shortlist with 10 nominees Begins the online vote
24th Month 2 Closes the online vote. Announces and informs the winner. Begins assembly of press/promotion kit Ends the online vote Begins assembly of press/promotion kit
1rst Month 3 Submits the press/promotion kit All supporters begin with promotion
30th/31rst Month 3 All supporters end the promotion


Everyone with a Linux game awards account can vote. Online voting starts on the 25. of every month and ends on the 24. of the following month. Every vote has the same value, for every nominees only one vote per person is allowed but the number of nominees that can be voted for is not restricted (even voting for all nominees is possible but wouldn't change the result. Read more about approval voting). After the online votes are collected the winner is announced.


Jury members come from participating initiatives/projects/websites called supporters. On the 18. of every month a jury is announced with members from supporting websites. The jury has time until the 25. to create a shortlist of 10 nominees. Immediately after the announcement of the shortlist online voting starts. The supporting websites also provide the prize. The responsibility for the shortlist and its creation lies solely with the supporting website.


The winning project gets a promotion period of one month on all supporting websites. The promotion can be banners, reviews, interviews, how-tos... the manner of the promotion depends on the supporting website.